Suddenly went fine

ind1exExactly how could I forget that today the ball in your honor, to which all are carefully prepared so in the morning. on this holiday come Faith, Hope, Love – everyone so long waiting for someone so lacking. I am sure that once you see, my city, they will stay here forever. But here is the evening. Soon, soon will start the ball. already collected noble guests. Suddenly went fine, though the snow, rain. from touching the face of cold drops, I wake up. Was this the just a dream? But I did not sleep, and everything happened in reality. No, no, whole body feel like it’s not a dream, not a hallucination. With a heavy heart and scraps of thoughts in my head I’m going back home. Like go into the unknown, drowning in the cold, but gentle air. Gradually beginning to be understood, to fall into space. I just dawns. My city is, even if it is marked on map of the world a different name. It exists in my heart. Look of the soul, and not the eye converts it compels us to believe that the house – good giants, ordinary bench – thrones, and fallen leaves – expensive bedspread. One need only look at the most mundane things in heart soul, they immediately transformed, becoming a wonderful and unusual.
Oh, yeah, forgot again, because today, no matter what, your holiday, which, probably, no one knows except you and me. But he was, is and will be every day. Back home … I lit a candle in front of scapular and asked that the Lord kept my only city in the hands of the mountains.

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